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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dancing in the Rain by Pat Koscienski

This 12" x 6" painting was done plein aire (painting on site) at Italian Lake in Harrisburg, PA. It was a statue commissioned by Milton Hershey, which in that day became very controversial because of the nude figures. It ended up at Italian Lake, fortunately for many who enjoy it's beauty. There was a drizzling rain that morning, but I was under my easel umbrella under a tree. The fine rain did not bother me until the wind started to blow it in under the umbrella. Even this did not concern me, until I realized I was using the new interactive acrylic paint which becomes resoluable when wet. I soon packed up and left, but not before I realized some of the raindrops caused markings on my painting. And, to my delight gave it a more believable rainy, wet, splashing water look which I'm sure could not have been achieved without the weather conditions. To purchase contact Pat at

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