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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kings Gap Vista I by Pat Koscienski

" Kings Gap Vista I"
20" x 10"

"Kings Gap Vista I" is an acrylic painting on canvas painted plein air at Kings Gap State Park in Pennsylvania. Several of the artists in our plein air group painted at least once/week during the month of September to prepare paintings for the Kings Gap Fall Festival on October 4. It could not have been a nicer day for a paint out. It's a 4 mile drive from the entrance of the park to the top where the mansion and gardens are located...the road is barely wide enough for 2 cars and nothing but sharp curve after sharp curve. But, once at the top, the view is spectacular. The herb and flower gardens, pond, and mansion are true subjects for plen air painters. To see more photos of the artists and paintings that the 6 of us artists displayed in the mansion, visit Claire Carnell's blog spot at If interested in purchasing this painting contact Pat at If interested in seeing more of Pat's paintings, abstract and representational, visit my website at


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh Pat!! To my mind, nothing is more beautiful than the trees and greens of this beautiful earth we call home. Your rendering is simply beautiful! I am in such awe of plein aire painters! You truly do amazing and beautiful work!

Pat Koscienski said...

Thanks, Autumn, I try to capture the personality of a tree. But, that isn't always an easy feat! It's so sweet when it works.