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Friday, January 8, 2010

"Crockware & Lemons" by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Pat Koscienski

"Crockware & Lemons"
18" x 22"
Oil on canvas

This still life was done in oil on canvas several years ago while studying under a wonderful pastelist artist, Fleur Byers. It was soon after this that I started working with pastels. If interested in purchasing, contact Pat at If interested in viewing more of my paintings, visit my website at:


AutumnLeaves said...

This is so pretty, Pat! I love the contrast between the table and the indoor pieces against the blowing wild grasses behind them. I am reminded of the harvest, of Thanksgiving...Just such a warm painting! Beautifully done, as always!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love this, Pat. I agree with Sherry - the wheat makes me think of harvest. Your colors are so warm and inviting. I see some lemons there...perhaps we will me seeing this in the CALC Members 'Lemon' show??????

Pat Koscienski said...

Thank you, Autumn, you made me see my own painting in a different way.

Pat Koscienski said...

Claire, thanks for reminding me of the lemon exhibit. It just may work.

L. O'Neal said...

Pat, I think this is the first still life of yours I've seen. You never cease to amaze in you diversity. Well painted! I know how difficult lemons are to paint and the texture and sheen to the crock is wonderful.

Pat Koscienski said...

Thank you, Lyn. Still life's can be fun to do. It's getting them set up somewhere you can leave them for awhile.