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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Apples - Original Oil Realistic Still Life by Pennsylvania Painter Pat Koscienski

8"x 10"
Apples was painted for an Apple Exhibit that was held at Gallerie 13 in Mechanicsburg, PA a year or more ago. I wanted the composition a little different than usual, so really enlarged the apples making them fill up the canvas. If interested in purchasing, contact pat at If interested in seeing more of my paintings, visit my website at:


Sheila said...

You hit the target Pat! One of the first things that struck me was the unique composition! Happy Valentines Day my friend!

Pat Koscienski said...

Happy Valentines Day to you, Sheila. Thanks for visiting.

Rosemary said...

Happy Valentine's Day from me too! Wow! I love this! Would never have thought to use the blue and it soooooo works giving it even more zing! High Five on this one!

Pat Koscienski said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Rosemary. And, thanks for your wonderful comments.

AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous painting and composition, Pat. These look as though you can pluck them from the painting and crunch right into one of them!

Pat Koscienski said...

Thanks, Autumn, I always admire other artist's still life's of fruit for that reason. Especially, cherries. That may be my next project LOL