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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

After the Rain - Acrylic Plein Air Impressionistic Farm Landscape by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Pat Koscienski

After the Rain
14" x 18"
Acrylic on Board

This painting was painted plein air on the Hertzler Farm off Locust Point Road in Mechanicsburg, PA. The farm's wet, puddled lane caught my eye. Off to the right, in a view not shown, were a herd of cows. A newborn calf had gotten away from his mom, and somehow through the electric fence, and 2 of our brave and compassionate artists attempted to reunite this calf with her mom. A kodak moment in it's own right and making memories. When the owner arrived, we made sure to alert him to the predicament that the calf found itself in. So, we left assured that the little one would be looked after. If you have any questions, or wish to purchase, contact Pat at If interested in viewing more of my works, both representational and abstract, please visit my website at:


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Great atmospheric mood to this one, Pat. Hope to get out and paint with you all tomorrow!

AutumnLeaves said...

Pat this is just so beautiful. Your paintings always highlight why I've always thought living on a farm was the perfect lifestyle for me. I guess it'll never happen, but it still remains my not-so-secret dream!

sam said...

Youve caught the scene perfectly Pat, you can tell it looks wet, very well done.

Rosemary said...

Puddle scenes are favorites and this one is spot on! Beautiful!

Mary said...

The rutted muddy road is just perfect. This scene is so comforting.

Pat Koscienski said...

Thanks, everyone. It was nice to see that many of us view "puddles" as almost a comforting and peaceful subject.